NY Life Agents Report Success with Gillware Online Backup

By Lee Sensenbrenner,

Gillware Online Backup is like an insurance policy for your data. So, it’s fitting that it’s the preferred data backup solution for New York Life.

Hundreds of New York Life agents rely on Gillware Online Backup to ensure that their data will always be there, and we recently surveyed them to learn more about their experiences.

It turns out that Gillware Online Backup is providing more than just peace of mind: a whopping 27 percent of respondents said that they needed Gillware Online Backup to restore lost files.

When critical business files are lost, and Gillware Online Backup gets them back quickly and easily, perhaps the next statistic is not a surprise, but 100 percent of respondents said that they were satisfied with the restoration.

Gillware Online Backup is the only remote backup solution developed by a data recovery lab. Through thousands of successful data recovery cases per year, we see how data is lost. That’s why Gillware has developed one-on-one Advanced Technical Reviews to make sure you are successfully backing up all the files you want to protect, and none of the stuff you don’t.

We specialize in serving professional clients, and Gillware Online Backup is secure. Your data is encrypted, compressed and sent to a U.S. based data center, where it remains encrypted and compressed. All support comes directly from us at our offices in Madison, Wis.

Getting started with a 2GB account is free and easy.

See why New York Life trusts us — Gillware Online Backup is all the insurance your data needs.



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